Dr. Oyku Celen

  • Профессии: Hair Transplantation, Dermatology, Cosmetic Dermatology, Laser Treatments, Stem Cell Injections
  • Место рождения: İstanbul
  • Дата: 1979
  • Язык: English, Turkish
  • Специализация: Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medicine School department of Dermatology
  • Университет: Istanbul University Istanbul Medicine School (Capa)
  • Период обучения: Consulting Room of Dermatologist Dr. I. Oyku Celen İstanbul Cerrahi Hospıtal M-Onep Aesthetic Clinic Siirt State Hospital Hastanesi ( Compulsory Service) Dermacare Beauty Center – İstanbul
  • Член ассоциаций: Skin and Venereal Diseases Association Turkish Society of Dermatology Istanbul Medical Chamber Turkish doctors’ union

After high school education, Dr. Oyku Celen received her undergraduate degree in İstanbul University from the Faculty of Medicine. After undergraduate study, she determined to specialize in the field of Dermatology, so she got education for five years in the department of Dermatology at Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty.  In the meantime, she did many researches and studies in the field of medical dermatology and by attending in many congresses and symposiums she completed her education. She focused on Dermatology by means of receiving cosmetic education and making studies on this field throughout her specialized training.

After having worked nearly 1,5 years in Monep Nişantaşı Clinic as Dermatologist, she transferred to İstanbul Surgery Hospital. Now she is working in her clinic and she is shareholder to Skin Health Turkey.

She has been still working in this hospital and she’s participated in congresses and symposiums in the field of Dermatology as speaker and educator.