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Dr. Oyku CELEN hair transplant
Dermatologist Dr. Oyku CELEN; Skin Health Turkey’s Doctor and Co-Founder.



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Information Videos

Dermatologist Dr. Oyku CELEN is explaining all details about Hair Transplantation

  • Hair Follicles are extracted from the Donner area in back of the head, between ears. The main hair loss reason is due to hormonal factor, or other reason,  where back area of the head ( Donor Area ) is protected from the Genetic factors and the most trusted place for Follicular Extraction. The first stage starts by applying local anesthesia over the extraction area.  During the operation, the patient keeps conscious where he/she can watch TV, eat or read newspaper without any pain.   

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  • The most important stage of hair transplantation operation is forehead hairline drawing. Successful forehead hairline drawing leads to best results, but if it is designed wrongly, it may leads to lifelong negative results.

    The following is our criteria in forehead hairline drawing


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  • There are a lot of reasons for hair loss. The most common one is caused by genetic factors. The genetic factor called Androgenetic Alopecia. By Androgenetic Alopecia, The male hair loss starts in the front or top of the head and expands over the baldness areas. While the women Hair loss starts by the top of the head areas, loosing density, and hair thinning. Apart from genetic factors, a lot of reasons can cause hair loosing. Those are more peripheral reasons like: stress, seasonal changes, vitamin deficiencies, taking some medications, eating disorder …ETC


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  • The first Hair Transplantation method, it has been replaced recently by FUE method.

    However, there might be certain situations in which FUE method cannot be performed. In these kind of situations, FUT method helps the patient have the natural look requested by the patient. In FUT method, Local anesthesia is used. After this, Follicles are extracted from the donor area as stripes, with help of microscope, they separated into single follicles prepared for transplantation. FUT extracted area is stitched cosmetically, and extracted grafts to be implanted in the transplantation prepared channels.

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Other News

What Is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the most preferred aesthetic operation for men. Hair transplantation procedure includes 2 methods FUT and FUE. The most common method of hair transplantation in Turkey and in the world is FUE. Hair transplantation is performed by taking the roots of hair from the individual donor area and placing them in the channels that are opened to the empty areas. Recently, the DHI method is only different from the taking follicles method. In the transplantation, the follicles in the nuchal area, which is specified as the donor area, are taken one by one. The hair follicles in this area are very strong against hair loss. After hair transplant surgery, among men,there is another preferred operation - a beard transplantation. The donor area in the beard transplantation is the same as the hair transplantation. Because the hair root structure is similar, the results obtained in the beard cultivation are very successful. Among women the hair transplantation process is much less because the DHT hormone which causes hair loss is very low for women.. Women’s hair loss can be caused by Hormonal imbalances and some diseases. All hair may not be cut as long as it is not required in the form of female hair loss. For women, eyebrow transplantation is more required than hair transplantation. The method of hair transplantation can be applied successfully in the process of eyebrow transplantation.

Hair Transplantation in Turkey İstanbul

Turkey is the world leader in hair transplantation since 2015. Average amount of people, coming to Turkey for hair transplantation from abroad is about 1000. Although the process of hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia, various complications may occur during the operation. For this reason, it must be performed under the supervision of specialist dermatologist or plastic surgeon doctors. Hair transplantation prices vary greatly because the market is very large. In all clinics, similar quality hair transplantation can be done differently, the choices you have made may cause very poor results. The main reason why the prices of hair transplantation clinics are very different is due to the fact that this process is done under the supervision of a specialist doctor in hair transplant. For hair transplantation, you have to ask whether in the hair Transplant Center has a doctor first, if you have detailed information about the doctor it can be important for your health.

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